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Does it all seem a bit overwhelming? Fear not! Michelle to the rescue.




What does a celebrant do?


Essentially, if there isn’t a celebrant – there isn’t a wedding!

A celebrant is your official link to the law. In order to be legally married you need to have a Celebrant solemnise your marriage and lodge the relevant paperwork with Births Deaths and Marriages.

I will write a personalised ceremony and offer you a choice of ceremony types, different reading choices, and vows and I can provide all of the resources that you need to make your ceremony simply perfect.

On the day, I liaise with your other suppliers to make sure the ceremony runs smoothly, to time and with minimal stress (and maximum fun).



Do we have to fill out any forms or do any paperwork for the Government?


Yes, you will need to fill out the legal documentation (it’s called a Notice of Intended Marriage or NOIM). It is a very simple process and I can help you to complete it. Your will need your Birth Certificates and other relevant documents depending on your personal circumstance.



When do we have to do all that?


Your 'Notice of Intended Marriage' needs to be completed no less than a calendar month prior to marriage but it is strongly advisable to complete this with me as soon as you have decided on the date and time for your ceremony.



Can we write our own Vows and how do we put it all together?


Yes of course you can. Together you and I will put together your own personalised ceremony.



Can we have a ritual in our Ceremony?


There is no limit to what you can do at your ceremony… Lighting of Candles, Special Words, Celtic Handfasting, Wine Sharing, Tying of Knots, Skydiving, Abseiling, and Snorkelling… ☺



Where can we get married?


You can marry anywhere in Australia at any time!


We don’t live in South East Queensland, how will we meet with you?


Easy! Skype, messenger, phone, face time, we chat... or any kind of online webcam will do the trick. We can discuss everything at a time that suits you.



We are really busy, can you come to our home or connect online?


YES! I am one of the very few celebrants that is travel ready. I can meet after hours and I will bring the resources you need.


The questions I will ask you when we speak:


• Have you set a date and place for the Wedding?

• Do you have your Birth Certificates or passports?

• Have you got any ideas for a Ceremony?






What is the difference between a marriage ceremony and a commitment ceremony?


A marriage ceremony and Commitment ceremony are similar in that they both involve an affirmation of love and promises for the future.

A marriage ceremony, however, is a legal ceremony whereas a commitment ceremony is not recognised by law.

Legal certificates and papers must be signed at a marriage ceremony. There are no papers that must be signed at a commitment ceremony, however you can sign a certificate if you wish.Commitment certificates are not legal documents, but a symbol of your promise to each other.



Why have a commitment ceremony?


Many people appreciate the ritual of a wedding even if they don't want to (or can't) get legally married. Some want to be married but have reasons why a legal marriage is not a good option for them.

Others want an opportunity to celebrate their love with their family and friends, or make vows to each other in a private ritual.



Can we exchange rings, have a best man and bridesmaids?


Yes, you can exchange rings or anything else you like such as jewelery or other gifts. The party can be as big or small as you like and you can involve all sorts of special friends and family.






Is a renewal of vows ceremony a legal ceremony?


It is a public re-affirmation of your love and commitment to each another, not a legal ceremony.



We got married overseas. Can we get married again in Australia, celebrating with all of our family and friends?


Since you are already legally married to each you cannot have another ceremony that purports to be an original marriage ceremony. However, you can celebrate your marriage with your family and friends with a renewal of vows ceremony, and it can be very similar to your wedding ceremony.







Where can I have a baby naming ceremony?


You can host your baby naming ceremony anywhere at all! They are often held at the family home or at a local park or beach or anywhere else that has a significant meaning for your family.



How long will it go for?


It is totally up to you. But as a guide usually 10 to 20 mins is enough. I find that any longer than that and the kids lose interest in me!



At what age should we do a Naming Ceremony?


Newborns to toddlers, school aged and beyond… A naming ceremony is a significant moment to welcome and appreciate a family member so age really doesn’t matter.


3rd place QLD Marriage Celebrant award at the Australian Bridal Industry Academy Awards 2015

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